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Wed - Fri: noon to 6pm
Sat: 9am to 5pm
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sauce-ational: An Experiment in Applesauce - MacIntosh

I decided to start my Sauce-sational Applesauce Experiment with the MacIntosh Apples.  As you’ve all heard, we have a five month old (six months on the 28th – WOW – time goes by fast!) and she’s starting to eat food.  What can be better than making her some delicious applesauce – no sugar or preservatives added!? 014I didn’t want to have to put the sauce through a food mill so I decided to start with the MacIntosh – an apple that mushes when cooked.  I put the Mac’s through my Apple Machine (peeler, corer, slicer).  They were a bit difficult to put through the machine – it seemed like the peels kept getting jammed in the peeler portion so I had lots of skin still left on my cored and sliced apples.  I could have just peeled the skin that was still on by hand but I decided to make a Taffy Apple Cake at the same time.  Then – the portion of the apples with the skin still on went in there (we could deal with it…) and I put the skin-free apples into the saucing crock pot.  003I left the apples in the crock pot, on low, stirring whenever I came upstairs for a break from donut making for four hours.  At that time I had a nice smooth sauce (the chunks you see easily break down when you mush with a spoon).   005
Time for the taste test! 
DELICIOUS!  A wonderful smooth sauce – I personally prefer my sauce chunky though, so if this wasn’t for Pip I probably would have mixed some other apples that kept their shape (we’ll find out which ones do this as I continue my experiment).  The flavor was fantastic though.  Slightly tart but still plenty sweet (remember I’m a sweet apple eater typically).  It did not make my jaw tingle and too me – that’s fantastic. 
What did Pip think?  She LOVES it!  She gobbles it down!  If there are other foods she’s not that into (carrots), I just add a little sauce and it goes right down the hatch with no fight. 


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